Image of Ana Mendieta’s 1977 Untitled piece from the “Silueta” Series in Iowa, depicting a figure made of ice laying on the frozen, snowy ground.Photo of Mendieta performing her 1973 Image from Yagul in Oaxaca, laying nude in a rock formation covered by small white flowers.Photo of Mendieta's 1984 Untitled piece of a dried ficus leaf incised with an organic design resembling a figure.Mendieta's 1976 "Tree of Life," wherein she is nude, her entire body covered in mud, standing up against a tree with her arms up.Installation shot of four tree trunks carved and etched with gunpowder from Mendieta’s 1985 Totem Grove Series.

We've added over 80 images to MDID of pieces by Cuban-born and American-raised Ana Mendieta, who described her work as "earth-body" art - combining performance and film with sculpture and land. A truly amazing and pioneering artist, who died tragically and all too soon, Mendieta has a remarkable life story that we urge you to explore if you haven't done so already. Below are just a few of the books we have on the artist in the library:

"Unseen Mendieta: the Unpublished Works of Ana Mendieta" (Prestel, 2008)

"Traces: Ana Mendieta" (Hayward Publishing, 2013)

"Ana Mendieta: Earth Body: Sculpture and Performance 1972-1985" (Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, 2004)

"Where Is Ana Mendieta?: Identity, Performativity, and Exile" (Duke University Press, 1999)

Not to mention we have a DVD of selected film works by Mendieta (New York : Electronic Arts Intermix, 2000) and so much more...