The VRC would like to share a handful of links and articles in honor of APAHM that we hope will be a great start for you to explore all of the many, different ways in which generations of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders have enriched U.S. history and continue to do so through art, music, film, architecture, cuisine, literature and much more.
Screenshot of the website home page for artasiamerica digital archive, with a collage of artworks on the left and an artists list on the right.
artasiamerica: a professional digital archive as part of the Asian American Arts Centre
Screenshot of Artnet's article, "How the New Queer Asian American Criticism Is Shifting the Way We See Art," by Terence Trouillot. The title is at the top and underneath features a photograph by Việt Lê called, "Charlie’s Angels (of History)," showing three Vietnamese women posing as Charlie's Angels, each wearing an Asian conical hat and traditional garments.
Arnet's article on new book Queering Contemporary Asian Art
Screenshot of the New York Times article, “The Artists Who Brought Asian-Americans into the Annals of Contemporary Art,” by Nikil Saval, featuring a black-and-white photo from Tseng Kwong Chi’s “East Meets West” self-portrait series, “New York, NY 1984 (Veterans Day Parade).” The artist is pictured in the middle of the street in New York smiling in between tall buildings while the Veterans Day Parade is taking place in the background.
"The Artists Who Brought Asian-Americans Into the Annals of Contemporary Art"