The VRC recently added over 100 works by Mel Bochner, On Kawara, Marilyn Minter and Keith Sonnier to SVA Image Library (MDID). Check out select pieces online or visit SVA Library to see them all in the below featured catalogs:
Image of Marilyn Minter's "Rock Candy," from 2005, a close-up photograph of diamonds in a woman's mouth, wearing red lipstick, glistening with mist on her skin and the diamonds.

Artist: Marilyn Minter
Book: Marilyn Minter
Publisher: Gregory R. Miller Co., 2010
No. of New Images: 26

Installation shot of Sonnier's "Zahidi Palm Blatt," from 2004, an abstract linear green neon piece hanging on a wall.
Artist: Keith Sonnier
Book: Keith Sonnier: Elysian Plain + Early Works
Publisher: Pace Gallery, 2014
No. of New Images: 20

Image of Mel Bochner’s painting, entitled “Blah, Blah, Blah,” 2009, with blue paint dripping down a canvas and Blah Blah Blah written over it in white.
Artist: Mel Bochner
Exhibition Catalog: Mel Bochner: Strong Language
Publisher: Jewish Museum, 2014
No. of New Images: 35

On Kawara's piece, called "18. AUG. 1976," showing the front and verso of a postcard, which has an image of a Hong Kong cityscape with a plane taking off into the sky.
Artist: On Kawara
Exhibition Catalog: On Kawara - Silence
Publisher: Guggenheim Museum, 2015
No. of New Images: 38

Make sure to stay tuned, as we have been working on stepping our contemporary art game up on MDID.