The VRC just uploaded some awesome images of select pieces by English artist Graham Sutherland onto SVA Image Library (MDID), all of which came from the exhibition catalog, Graham Sutherland: An Unfinished World. So if you like what you see above, log in to your MDID account to see those and the rest in high res or visit the Library to discover more about his amazing work!

Graham Sutherland’s watercolor entitled "Welsh Landscape with Yellow Lane," painted in 1939-1940, depicting an ominous landscape with sun rays coming out from behind a black cloud. There is a yellow lane swerving from the foreground leading back to the setting sun. Painting by Sutherland, called "Landscape with Rocks," from 1944, that’s an abstracted landscape with a bright orange background and sharp jagged grey rocks in the foreground.

Image of Sutherland’s "The Thorntree" (1946), referencing the crown of thorns pressed onto Christ’s head by the soldiers. The tree structure, in front of shades of blue, transforms into weapons and the thorns look like daggers.Sutherland’s "Cardiff Farmhouse, St. Mary Church," ca.1940, a mixed-media piece depicting multiple line drawings of a church with shades of pink and salmon color.

A 1943 abstract painting by Sutherland titled "Interlocking Tree Form," which shows a tree structure in front of a vibrant yellow background.
Top Left: "Welsh Landscape with Yellow Lane," 1939-1940; Watercolor on paper; 69.5 x 49 cm; Private Collection (London).
Top Right: "Landscape with Rocks," 1944; Gouache on paper and hardboard; 41.3 x 54 cm; Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.
Middle Left: "The Thorntree," 1946; Mixed media; 20.5 x 15.2 cm; Cecil Higgins Art Gallery.
Middle Right: "Cardiff Farmhouse, St. Mary Church," ca.1940; Mixed media on paper and board; 23.5 x 30.6 cm; National Museum of Wales.
Bottom: "Interlocking Tree Form," 1943; Pencil, ink and bodycolor on paper; 51.5 x 51.2 cm; Whitworth Art Gallery.