A black and white portrait of Yves Klein taken in 1962, shortly before his death, seated looking at the camera with furrowed brows and mouth slightly opened.Black and white staged photograph from 1960, credited to Harry Shunk-John Kender, called "Leap into the Void," where Yves Klein in leaping off a building, mid-air with the sidewalk below him.An image of Klein's piece "Arman," 1962, of a bright blue nude, bald male figure from his thighs up with a mustard background.An image of "Untitled Anthropometry (ANT 100)," a 1960 piece by Yves Klein with 5 blue imprints of the artist's body on white paper.




88 years ago today, the influential French artist Yves Klein was born. Although he passed at the young age of 34, his artistic pursuits and work made a lasting mark in the art world. He might be best known for his use of and fixation with the color blue; so much so that in 1957, he developed and patented his own ultramarine blue, called International Klein Blue (IKB ). "Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions" he once claimed.

Not just a leading painter in the French artistic movement of Nouveau realisme (founded by art critic Pierre Restany in 1960), he was also a forerunner of performance art, and certainly inspired Minimal art along with Pop art. In celebration of his birthday, we urge you to take a look at what we have available on the artist (click on either image):

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TOP IMAGES (left to right): Portrait of Yves Klein shortly before his death, 1962; "Leap into the Void" [Photo credit: Harry Shunk-John Kender], 1960; "Arman," 1962; "Untitled Anthropometry (ANT 100)," 1960.