Installation view of James Turrell's pavilion, "Stone Sky," showing a pool surrounded by nature with a concrete square in the center of the pool and its reflection under it. Installation shot of Turrell's light space, entitled "Unseen Blue," with a red-lit floor and benches, pink-lit moldings and a yellow-lit wall and ceiling, which has a square cut out of it looking to a black night sky. Installation view of Turrell's piece, "Bridget's Bardo," at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany. There is a small figure standing in the middle of the installation, which has a pathway leading to a bright hot pink square surrounded by walls immersed in purple light. Installation view of Turrell’s 2010 skyspace, “Within without,” a large square-based pyramid and a stupa rising at the centre, highlighted by turquoise water. The stupa contains the viewing chamber—a simple domed space, open to the sky.

If you haven't heard of American artist James Turrell, it is now time for you to "see the light."  Throughout his 50+ years of creating, Turrell has continuously managed to realize immersive spaces and installations working primarily with light. All of the above images can be found in the comprehensive volume, James Turrell: A Retrospective (co-published with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the major touring retrospective and concurrent exhibitions at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), which is just one of the many books SVA's Library has to offer that  illuminates Turrell's diverse and exciting body of work. You can also check out the rest of the images HERE by signing into SVA Image Library.

All photos in the catalog and seen above by  Florian Holzherr
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