Installation shot of James Turrell’s 2003 "Skymass" from the viewpoint of looking above and out of skylight, with a bright blue sky and the moon centered, located in the Valley of the Moon Ranch, Clinton, Montana.
Skymass [looking above, out of skylight], 2003. Installation, dimensions variable. Valley of the Moon Ranch, Clinton, Montana.

It is no secret we [here in the VRC] are huge fans of artist James Turrell's light installations. While we always encourage the SVA community to check out the 35+ images of the artist's works that we've uploaded on SVA Image Library (MDID), or to come into the Library to see his work beautifully illustrated in catalogs, the truth of the matter is that nothing compares to seeing it in person. This is why we highly suggest taking a little road trip if you have time this Summer to see the artist's retrospective at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), which "brings together light installations from every stage of the career of this 74-year-old artist and elder statesman of the Southern California Light and Space movement." Read more here!