Abstract painting by Edward Clark, entitled “China Butterfly,” from 2000, depicting broad, thick multicolor brushstrokes.An abstract object by Sam Gilliam, called “Stand,” from 1973, of a rainbow-painted piece of canvas scrunched up and knotted on the top, hanging from a rope.A 2013 painting by Toyin Ojih Odutola, entitled “My Country Has No Name,” depicting a black woman from the shoulders up in 4 different angles.

Over 150 artworks from the Joyner/Giuffrida Collection of Abstract Art - widely recognized as one of the most significant collections of modern and contemporary work by African as well as African Diasporan artists - are now available on MDID. Providing an overview of the collection's unparalleled holdings, the catalog "Four Generations: The Joyner/Giuffrida Collection of Abstract Art," explores the critical contributions made by black artists to the evolution of visual art in the 20th and 21st centuries.

IMAGES (L to R): Edward Clark, “China Butterfly,” 2000. Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 58 inches; Sam Gilliam, “Stand,” 1973. Mixed Materials, 217.2 x 300 cm; Toyin Ojih Odutola, “My Country Has No Name,” 2013. Pen, ink and markers on board, 25 x 34.5 inches.