Yesterday, the Glasgow School of Art's Archives and Collections announced the launch of a new website and online catalog, making its varied holdings available for all to see!

This is a particularly significant and exciting development for GSA's Archives and Collections since earlier this year there was a fire in the beloved Mackintosh building, damaging studios, the Library and some archival stores. As GSA restores its west wing, this new website came at a crucial time, allowing virtual access to their collections that are currently unavailable physically - truly a silver lining!

Check it out:

Below are a very select few of the many cool posters from the GSA Archive, specifically for artist talks and exhibitions. Majority of the posters for GSA events were designed and printed in-house by students and members of staff.
Four posters from the Glasgow School of Art's Archives and Collections. Left to right: Poster for an exhibition and artist talk by Patrick Heron, featuring a piece of his that is red with a purple abstract design in the top right; then a black and white Bridget Riley poster with her name at the top, an optical pattern all over, and an overlapping portrait of her in the foreground; followed by a David Hockney exhibition poster featuring his face in a magenta tint; and lastly, an Ian Dury poster depicting a portrait of him with his mouth open, with scribbles of colors all over. All images courtesy The Glasgow School of Art.