Image of Walid Raad's piece, entitled "Let's be honest, the weather helped_United States of America," depicting an open book, the left page blank, the right page with a diagram drawing covered by a black and white photo of a rooftop collaged with multicolor dots on top. Walid Raad's "Notebook volume 38: Already been in a lake of fire," a collage with three cars (the top white, the middle black and the bottom green), with text to the left of the cars written in green ink.Walid Raad's "I Thought I'd Escaped My Fate, I-IX," which shows an open book: on the left page with a sketch of a man's face overlapping another man's face towards the bottom of the page, and on the right a pink page with purple trim and pasted and written texts.

Over 50 images have just been added to MDID featuring the work of contemporary Lebanese artist, Walid Raad. The select pieces were taken from the catalog Walid Raad (MoMA, 2015), published in conjunction with the first comprehensive exhibition of his work in the U.S., and surveying the artist's career over the last 25 years - including photography, installation, sculpture, video and performance along with long-term projects, such as The Atlas Group.

Largely informed by his upbringing during the Lebanese Civil War (1975 90), Raad's work explores the ways in which history and war are represented/documented, particularly the facts and fictions of the socioeconomic and military policies that have shaped the Middle East.

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