An untitled drawing promoting "A Buddha University Meeting," at Onnasch Gallery, New York, by Ray Johnson, showing a man's hand with snake rings on four fingers and text written on the hand with scribbles in the background.
An untitled Ray Johnson print with a bunny head character repeated with the name buster written under each one on a mint green background.
An untitled collage by Ray Johnson with a little cartoon face repeated on a white background with large abstracted eyes and lips layered on top with little stars inside.

A collage by Ray Johnson showing a close-up image of Elvis Presley’s face in a red tint with red tears coming out of his eyes as well as red squares in the lower left corner of collage.

Now available on MDID: Nearly 90 images of works by the pioneering artist Ray Johnson (1927-1995), who was once dubbed "New York's most famous unknown artist" in the 60's by New York Times contributor, Grace Glueck. Studying under Robert Motherwell and Josef Albers at Black Mountain College, Johnson became an early participant in the Fluxus and Pop movements, and is best known today for his complex, clever collages, correspondence, mail art as well as ephemera that combined image with text, history and pop culture.Don't forget to check out all of the publications we have on Ray Johnson by going to the Library's Online Vision Catalog or by clicking the image below:
IMAGES (left to right): Untitled, n.d. Ray Johnson Estate; Untitled, n.d. Ray Johnson Estate; Untitled, n.d. Ray Johnson Estate; "Elvis Presley #1," n.d. Mixed media collage, 10.75 x 7.5 in. Private Collection.

NOTE: All reproductions are from the publications Ray Johnson: Taoist Pop Heart School (Karma, 2014) and Ray Johnson: Correspondences (Wexner Center for the Arts, 1999).