Raymond Pettibon's drawing, "No Title (It appeared at...)," depicting a U.F.O. at the top right with lines of blue and purple radiating from it, hovering over a group of boys and men looking up at it.
Over 60 images of works by Raymond Pettibon are now up on SVA Image Library (MDID). Below is a list of just a few of the catalogs available in the Library that the reproductions were selected from.

If you want more Pettibon, he currently has an awesome exhibition with Canadian-born Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner Gallery called, "Forgetting the Hand."

But hurry - it ends Saturday, February 20th!

Book cover featuring Pettibon's piece, "No Title (End the war...)," which is a drawing in black ink of Osama bin Laden, smiling, with text written around him and a small area of mint green color behind him.
Title: Raymond Pettibon: Here's Your Irony Back: Political Works 1975-2013
Author: B. H. D. Buchloh
Editor: Julia Joern
Publisher: Distributed Art Pub Incorporated, 2013

Book cover for "Raymond Pettibon: To Wit," featuring a drawing of his of a hand in black ink reaching for something with text written around it.
Title: Raymond Pettibon: To Wit
Authors: Raymond Pettibon, David Zwirner Gallery
Editor: Julia Joern
Publisher: David Zwirner, 2014

Book cover featuring one of Pettibon's wave paintings, illustrating a giant wave with a small surfer riding it in the center and his name in red at the top center.
Title: Raymond Pettibon
Authors: Ralph Rugoff, Raymond Pettibon
Editor: Ralph Rugoff
Contributor: Byron Coley
Publisher: Random House Incorporated, 2013

Book cover for “Raymond Pettibon: The Books, 1978-1998,” with a bust-length self-portrait on a mint-colored background with some text to the right.

Title: Raymond Pettibon: The Books, 1978-1998
Author: Raymond Pettibon
Editor: Roberto Ohrt
Publisher: D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers, 2000