Reknowned filmmaker and cultural innovator, George Romero passed away on July 16th, 2017 at the age of 77. A filmmaker whose work in horror was so groundbreaking that his last name alone is forever associated with the zombie fever that swept theaters in the late-60's & 70's with his classic Night / Dawn / Day Of The Dead series. It is difficult, in retrospect, to understand the impact that first film had in 1968 when it was released. Roger Ebert summarized best in this reaction piece he wrote upon first seeing the film: 

Romero's filmography later strayed from zombie films to encompass a wide variety of horror. New York Times critics A.O. Scott & Jason Zinoman explore his full legacy here:

Romero's influence reverberated down the decades, perhaps most strongly felt in the cinema of Edgar Wright, who eulogizes Romero here:

The SVA Library is proud to host a nearly complete Romero filmography, which are currently on display for your viewing pleasure. Here are some trailers: