Below excerpt taken from Carey Dunne's article, "Vatican Digitizes a 1,600-Year-Old Illuminated Manuscript of the Aeneid " (Hyperallergic, July 13, 2016):

"In Rome, around the year 400, a scribe and three painters created an illuminated manuscript of Virgil s Aeneid, illustrating the ancient hero Aeneas journey from Troy to Italy. 1,600 years later, the Vatican has digitized the surviving fragments of this manuscript. Known as the Vergilius Vaticanus, it's one of the world's oldest versions of the Latin epic poem, and you can browse it for free online."

Here is more about the Vatican Library's Digital Archiving Project:

Still from the promotional video for the Vatican Library's Digital Archiving Project, showing two male figures walking through the Vatican talking to one another.