Despite its name, (and perhaps unfortunately, depending on your journalistic preferences) The Exhibitionist does not follow the adventurous life of a subway flasher. Rather, it’s a magazine put out by M.I.T. Press about curation, made by curators. The first issue of The Exhibitionist was released in January 2010 in order to address “the most pertinent questions on exhibition making today,” with particular focus “on the critical and historical importance of exhibitions.” The journal arrived at a time when curation as a discourse and theoretical project was coming to the forefront of the art world consciousness -- that is, when it was starting to become widely conceptualized as an art in itself (for more on this, see Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Ways of Curating -- a tome frequently referenced in The Exhibitionist). The 11th issue, currently on display in the SVA Periodicals Collection, features a photograph of the young Obrist on its signature yellow cover (the covers are always either canary yellow or hot pink). It is also the penultimate print issue -- the publication is switching to online-only after its 12th issue. Come by the archives for access to every back issue of the journal, in case you still love print like we do.

Cover of the Exhibitionist Magazine featuring a young Hans Ulrich Olbrist photograph in black and white on a yellow background.
Table of contents of the July 2015 The Exhibitionist magazine.
Two page spread from the inside of The Exhibitionist magazine.
Two page spread from The Exhibitionist magazine.
Four people standing before a building wrapped in various cloths.
Person's shoulders and upper back, showing a sweeping asymmetrical tattoo.
Two page spread – left page is blank and the right page contains text.