Screenshot of the Met's website with the site menu at the top with the Met logo and a collage of artworks from the collection. Underneath is text describing the Image and Data Resources as well as Open Access Policy.

The Met has made all images of public-domain works in its collection available under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which means whether you're a student, a professor, an artist or a designer, you now have more than 375,000 images of artworks from the Met's collection to use and share without restriction. This Open Access policy change is not only an achievment for The Met's digital evolution, but also a bold statement about the overall need for museums to reconsider their missions and accessibility in this increasingly digital age.

Read more about Open Access at The Met in a Digital Underground article by Chief Digital Officer Loic Tallon or watch the press conference announcing the new Open Access Policy below:

Video screenshot of the Open Access Policy conference meeting at the Met, showing a man in a suit wearing eyeglasses standing in front of a glass podium with turquoise lights in the back.