The Paris Review, a quarterly literary journal established in 1953, has been an artful publishing stalwart for over six decades. With a primary focus on poetry and short fiction, the Review has published works by  writers such as Jack Kerouac, Samuel Beckett, Zadie Smith and Lydia Davis. Its covers have been designed by the likes of Andy Warhol. The SVA Periodicals Collection boasts archives from a crucial decade of the publication - the 1980s, just following the Review's move from Paris to its current home in New York City. Here’s a glimpse into its 80th issue, published Summer 1981. This issue features, among other writings, an interview with Elizabeth Bishop (The Paris Review is renowned for its "The Art of..." interviews), fiction by Hans Koning, and poetry by Paul Celan and Joyce Carol Oates. As usual, come by the Periodicals archives for a closer look, but in the mean time here's a taste:

Cover of the Paris Review. Painting of leaves.

Two page spread, line illustration of a part of Paris.
Page of a manuscript written by Donald Barthelme.Picture of Elizabeth Bishop.
Watercolor underpainting of leaves for cover of The Paris Review.