The 229th Issue of quarterly photography magazine Aperture is entitled “Future Gender,” and deals with “trans life in photography across the history of the medium.” With guest editor Zackary Drucker (artist, activist, Transparent producer) at the helm, this issue stages a photographic reckoning with and tribute to trans histories, while envisioning a more radical future beyond the binary. The issue features, among other pieces: An illuminating conversation about trans activism and life between Drucker and Kate Bornstein; a glance at the work of photographer Natalie Krick, which interrogates age, gender performativity and artifice through surreal portraits; a dive into the unconventional archives of trans resistance; an examination of the work of Mariette Pathy Allen, who spent her life photographing transgender individuals; A look into the personal history of a trans man living in the middle of the twentieth century, written by Gender Studies scholar Jack Halberstam; a discussion between artist and musician Juliana Huxtable and her collaborator, the photographer Amos Mac. Aperture’s “Future Gender” issue is on the shelves at the SVA Periodicals Collection, come take a look.

Two people seen in profile kissing.

Two page spread. Left: a person having their head shaved. Right: "Future Gender" title and text.
Article with images of two people.
Two page spread. Left: collage of old family photographs. Right: text.
Juliana Huxtable wears a green tube top, blue silk skirt and fur coat in front of a painting of the face of the Statue of Liberty.
Left: A couple wearing dramatic makeup sit at a restaurant table. Right: a shirtless person wearing a full face of make-up beside another shirtless person in a green room.

Two women wearing blue eyeshadow lie with their faces pressed up against each other.
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