ARTnews was founded in 1902, which makes it the “oldest… art magazine in the world” - or so they claim. Published quarterly, what sets ARTnews apart from other art world stalwarts like Artforum is its enduring commitment to covering the minutia of the international art world. They report on everything from which artist is now represented by which gallery, which collector paid which vast sum of money for which work of art, who is opening a new space in Chelsea, who died, which work is travelling cross-continent… and everything in between. ARTnews’ most recent issue happens to be their 115th anniversary issue, which is now on the shelves at the SVA Periodicals Collection. It is entitled “Back in the Stacks” and features #13 in Cindy Sherman’s iconic photograph series Untitled Film Stills on the front cover. This issue features a conversation between Nato Thompson (artistic director of Philadelphia Contemporary) and Avram Finkelstein (artist and important AIDS activist); a portrait of a man preoccupied by geodesic domes; a selective tour of New York City’s public art; a selection of iconic ARTnews covers; a selection of letters to the editor (a highlight, from Helen Frankenthaler: “Why must you gossip about the personality of the artist? Some of us are interested in painting.”); excerpts from some influential articles; a look at the artist Howardena Pindell’s travelling retrospective, among a whole lot more.

Cover of ArtNews featuring a Cindy Sherman photograph of the artist herself in the style of her Untitled Film Stills.
Image of Howardena Pindell.

Grid of various ArtNews covers beginning in 1987.
Two pieces of public art. Left: Sol LeWitt's Whirls and Twirls in a subway station. Right: Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park.
Nato Thompson and Avram Finkelstein at Great Jones Cafe in New York.