v.1:no.7(2006)- present
In Issue 14: Objects, Sophia Al-Maria writes through her newborn cousin s Allah-shaped ear into the shimmer of sign, symbol and story, the difference that dissolves into image or mirage, distance that folds and enfolds, the mutable mystery of letters and language. The vectors, the reach of the issue (see sample TOC below) make it a worthy spot to begin to get lost, art s challenge accepted, a labyrinth of the unshelved. Bidoun means without in Arabic and Farsi and its push against the meaning of 'Middle East' is a breathing thing that flees easy grasp.
Issue 13: Glory Issue 13: Glory, cover by Babak Radboy
bidoun_4 Safya, Issue 25
bidoun_24 Issue 1: We Are Spatial
bidoun_12bidoun_15 Issue 16: Kids
bidoun_23 "Hand Baggage Control," Issue 1: We Are Spatial
bidoun_10 Issue 23: Squares
bidoun_22 Issue 1: We Are Spatial
bidoun_2 Issue 26: Soft Power
bidoun_1 Issue 12: Projects
bidoun_17 Issue 14: Objects
bidoun_18 Hicham Benohoud, "La Salle de Classe," Issue 14: Objects
bidoun_16 Lisa Farjam, "Sweet Sixteen," Issue 16: Kids
bidoun_19 Roman Ondak, "Sated Table," Issue 14: Objects
bidoun_14 Negar Azimi, "Brown Girl in the Ring," Issue 18: Interviews
bidoun_20 Trisha Donnelly, "Untitled," Issue 14: Objects
bidoun_11 Issue 22: Library
bidoun_13 Issue 22: Library
Sophia Al-Maria, "Tone Poem," with photos by Adrian Gaut, Issue 19: Noise
bidoun_21 Issue 1: We Are Spatial
bidoun_5 Issue 25
bidoun_3 Issue 26: Soft Power