Carrier Pigeon is a New York-based quarterly artist-run magazine that publishes illustrated fiction and fine art. The ethos of the publication is one of collaboration - while there is an Editor-in-Chief and other hierarchical positions, Carrier Pigeon “put[s] creative control into the hands of contributing writers, illustrators, fine artists, and designers in order to promote respectful interdisciplinary collaboration.” The magazine is large and well-designed, with relatively heavy paper and an attention to color and typography. Carrier Pigeon’s last issue of 2017 (Volume Four, Issue Four) is currently on the shelves at the SVA Periodicals Collection (the Collection has all of the issues except Volume 1 Issue 1). The Winter 2017 Issue contains six pieces of illustrated fiction and six artist portfolios introduced by artist statements. The whole thing is nearly two hundred pages long - a book-length magazine. Come by the Periodicals section and have a flip through - maybe you’ll find your new favourite short story writer or artist in its pages.

Cover of Carrier Pigeon magazine. Black and white abstract illustration.
Carrier Pigeon table of contents.
Two page spread from Carried Pigeon magazine. Two abstract expressionist illustraions by artist Rob Swainston.
Rob Swainston
Two page spread. Left: Illustration of the inside of a theatre and an astronaut floating above it. Right: Illustration of a naked person with a scard around their head, roses on their nipples and roses in the background, plus text by Tatiana Ryckman. Illustrations by Frances Jetter.
Author: Tatiana Ryckman  Illustrator: Frances Jetter
Painting of several people seated in an auditorium.
Peter Krashes
Grid of black and white illustrations of various bar scenes.
Art Werger
Pencil illustration of various items piled in a jumble.
Jairo Alfonso
Illustration of an old man smoking a cigar, and a half-eaten slice of cake in a smoky room.
"Contentment" by Scott Archer Jones, Illustrated by Joo Chung, Suhyun Lim, Min Kyung Kang, Jing Yao Chen, Minju Sun & Amanda Konishi