The SVA Library recently acquired 3 issues of Doones, a literary magazine edited by Ray DiPalma while he was at Bowling Green University. Ray was a long time instructor in SVA’s humanities department, and a friend of the library at SVA. Sadly, he passed away in December of 2016.  


Doones is an impressive little magazine. It’s contributors included Ted Berrigan, James Tate, Bill Knott, Michael Lally, Lewis Warsh , Larry Fagin , Ray DiPalma, and Tomas Tranströmer. They are also artfully presented, reminding us also of Ray’s acumen in the visual arts.


The SVA Library has v.1:no.1(1969); v.1:no.3(1970); v.1:no.4(1971). Find them in our rare periodicals.

Cover of doones magazine no. 1 featuring an illustration of a page from a scientific textbook entitled "Sensory Mechanisms - Part Two". To the side are a pair of scissors and a lightbulb.
v., 1, n. 1 (1969) Cover: Stephen Shrader 
An abstract ink drawing.
v. 1, n. 3 (1969)
A map of a part of France.
v. 1, n. 4 (1971) Cover: Stephen Shrader