The definition of hat, according to the Fashion - Hat folder in the SVA Pictures Collection, is loose. It encompasses not only your traditional brimmed chapeau but also a variety of other less conventional headwear - tiny little pieces of felt perched precariously on foreheads, turbans, veils, headdresses, strange long knitted head adornments… if it goes on a head, it’s here. The folder is packed to the brim (sorry) - it contains probably around 200 images. You don’t need me to tell you that hats serve a countless variety of purposes and signify a great deal of different things - fascinators for British weddings; large plumed concoctions for a day at the races; a baseball cap to show how chill you are; a backwards baseball cap to show how SUPER CHILL you are, circa 1996; a toque for Canadian winters; a hat removed or replaced to show respect; a beret for French cosplay and vintage warfare. However, if you find yourself lacking inspiration in the headwear department - for aesthetic, painterly, temperature-related or merely recreational reasons, this folder is the place to find it.

Four images of women wearing elaborate hats or veils.
A woman pouts in an enormous pink feathered hat.
A woman wearing a military uniform looks at herself in the mirror as she tries on a crown of pink roses with a net veil.
A blonde woman wearing a butterscotch-coloured hat with a ribbon faces her reflection in a mirror.
A woman wearing a green floral dress, red lipstick and an elaborate green hat grins.
November 1962

Grid of six images of the same model wearing the same hat in six different colours.
Two young boys wear very long knitted hats - so long that they double as scarves.
Sears Catalogue 1967
A woman wearing a brimmed hat with a ribbon is seen in profile.
Harper's Bazaar 1942
A woman wearing a lace hat shaped like a flower looks off into the distance.
April 1940
A woman wearing a red beret with a gold pin on it, red lipstick, and a black top with white ruffles around the collar.
A man with a mustache wearing a traditional turban stares off into the distance. In the background are palm trees.
A woman wears a tight purple hat with a long fringe.
Two models in straw hats and one in a panama hat with a white ribbon.
A smiling woman wearing a large hat that is coloured to look like a yellow flower.
May 1967