Mouse Guard, The Role-Playing Game is an award-winning RPG based on David Peterson's long-running, award-winning graphic novel series. The second-edition box set is the definitive version of the game and comes complete with everything a group of two-to-six players would need to run an engaging, fun campaign in the Territories. Featuring exclusive art work and extensive background design by series creator David Peterson, Mouse Guard, The Role-Playing Game is a stunning visual feast to behold; it is also easy-to-learn with intuitive game mechanics designed by Burning Wheel's Luke Crane
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Mouse Guard, The Role-Playing Game is one of several new role-playing games available to circulate from SVA Library West. Patrons can also play any of our tabletop games in the SVA Library West lounge area or group study rooms. The original, full run of Mouse Guard graphic novels and art-of books is currently housed at the Main Library. Any questions about our new tabletop games collection? Please feel free to contact us: