Tales From The Loop is a role-playing game set in an "alternate '80's" where strange and mysterious happenings set a group of teenagers out to explore the bizarre phenomena. Created by the Swedish gaming group, Fria Ligan (Free League) and based off the amazing sci-fi art of Simon Stålenhag, Tales From The Loop invites players to explore a re-imagined '80's teeming with retro-futuristic technology and dinosaurs run amok! 
A Simon Stålenhag painting of the Swedish countryside with two small purple dinosaurs approaching the road and the mysterious Loop technology faintly present through the distant fog.
SVA Library West is proud to feature the Tales From The Loop Rulebook, which features all the information you need to run your session. The Library also has custom Tales From The Loop dice to enchance your game-play. These items are on display at SVA Library West and can be checked out at the Circulation Desk. Games are also available for play in the lounge and group study room.
A photo of the contents that come with the Tales From The Loop roleplaying game, including the core rulebook (a blue Simon Stålenhag painting on the cover of four teenagers facing a mysterious structure with the title, Tales From The Loop, embossed above in white) plus a map of rural Sweden and six orange game dice.
Even if you are not a gamer, Tales From The Loop is worth a look just for Simon Stålenhag's moody, evocative art. SVA Library West owns two of Simon's art books, with more to come. You can search our catalog for his work here.
A Simon Stålenhag painting of a teenager walking beneath a highway overpass, the sides of which are covered in graffiti. A non-functioning robot chassis sits discarded on the side of the road.
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