Over 100 images have been added to the SVA Image Library from the exhibition catalog Outliers and the American Vanguard Art, featuring works by more than 80 artists including Henry Darger, Sam Doyle, William Edmondson, Lonnie Holley, Greer Lankton, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Matt Mullican, Horace Pippin, Martín Ramírez, Betye Saar, Judith Scott, Charles Sheeler, Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson, Bill Traylor, Kara Walker, and more.

Jacob Lawrence's painting entitled "Sidewalk Drawings," from 1943, picturing an aerial view of an abstracted grey concrete ground with colorful chalk drawings done by young African-American children.Roger Brown's 1975 piece "Contrail Crucifix," depicting a cross-shaped canvas with a patterned desert scene painted on it.A colorful textile quilt by artist Rosie Lee Tompkins, exhibiting a patchwork of different patterned fabrics, including the American Flag, geometric quilt patterns, and even a picture of Jesus Christ.Two black and white photographs by Lorna Simpson: on the top we see a seated African-American male figure playing guitar, and under him is an image of an African-American female figure seated on a couch next to a chess set.Jim Nutt's painting entitled "Toot-Toot Woo-Woo" from 1970. An abstracted woman with short black, wavy hair and a brightly patterned orange shirt is floating in the forefront, with distorted, cut arms and amputated limbs with a bone sticking out on a neon green background.

Also termed outsider, naïve, or folk, self-taught artists have long been overlooked despite having played a significant role in the history of modernism, and having greatly influenced their vanguard artist contemporaries at the forefront.

"Outliers and American Vanguard Art focuses on three periods over the last century when the intersection of self-taught artists with the mainstream has been at its most fertile. It is the first major exhibition to explore how those key moments, which coincided with periods of American social, political, and cultural upheaval, challenged or erased traditional hierarchies and probed prevailing assumptions about creativity, artistic practice, and the role of the artist in contemporary culture. Bringing together some 250 works in a range of media, the exhibition includes more than 80 schooled and unschooled artists and argues for a more diverse and inclusive representation in cultural institutions and cultural history." READ MORE ON THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART'S WEBSITE.

IMAGES (L to R): Jacob Lawrence, Sidewalk Drawings, 1943, Gouache on paper, 22.36 x 29.49 inches, Private Collection; Roger Brown, Contrail Crucifix, 1975, Oil on canvas, 61 x 48.5 inches, Private Collection; Rosie Lee Tompkins, Untitled, 1996, Textile, 88 x 146 inches, Collection of Eli Leon; Lorna Simpson, 1957-2009 Interior #3, 1957-2009, Photographs, 14 x 14 inches each, Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Jim Nutt, Toot-Toot Woo-Woo, 1970, Mixed media on plexiglass, 26.5 x 30 inches, Elmhurst College Art Collection.