"Josef Albers in Mexico": in the Library, now on SVA Image Library, and at the Guggenheim!

Over 30 images have been added to SVA Image Library (MDID) of never-before-seen photographs and collages by Josef Albers during his frequent trips to Mexico with Anni Albers starting in 1935–36, where he developed a passion for pre-Columbian art and architecture, which influenced his abstract works as well as fueled his innovative approach to photography. These images were culled from the catalog accompanying the Guggenheim's spectacular exhibition, Josef Albers in Mexico, which is closing this Wednesday, April 4th - so hurry and see it in person before it ends! Screenshot of 30 thumbnails with titles of artworks by Josef Albers in the SVA Image Library.

Click on the below book cover to be directed to SVA Library's Vision Catalog; click on the below video for a preview of this spectacular exhibition at the Guggenheim:
       Screenshot of a promotional video put out by the Guggenheim for the exhibition, “Josef Albers in Mexico.” The image is a black and white photograph of the artist in front of an archaeological site with a play button and text. Bright fuchsia book cover with pink text for “Josef Albers in Mexico,” by Lauren Hinkson.

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Posted by Tessa Morefield

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