Juxtapoz is a quarterly (it was published monthly for a time) magazine which was founded by a group of artists and collectors in San Francisco, California in 1994. It began as a place to showcase underground and alternative contemporary art, including styles like street art, tattoo culture, comics and hot rod art. Juxtapoz hopes to both investigate these styles as potent artistic movements unto themselves, as well as situate them within a larger art historical context. Never a publication to shy away from the grotesque, subversive or “low-brow,” Juxtapoz has been committed since its inception to cultivating “a community of thoughts, ideas and heritage that would create its own art history” (Letter from the editor, Issue 204). 24 years on, Juxtapoz is perhaps less focused on underground art per se and more invested in boundary-pushing and up-and-coming artists already at the edge of the art world (and on the brink of success). The most recent issue of Juxtapoz (Winter 2018) available in the SVA Pictures Collection is evidence of this. The issue features art by the painter Kerry James Marshall, a conversation with photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn, a discussion of the eerie work of designer and sculptor Sarah Sitkin, and much more. The SVA Library Periodicals Collection contains nearly every issue of Juxtapoz since September 2000.
Cover of Juxtapoz Magazine featuring a Kerry James Marshall painting of two children (one on a bike, the other running beside him) in a curved suburban road.
Kerry James Marshall painting featuring figures in a painting class sits above the Editor's Letter.
Two boxers are caught mid-punch.


Abstract painting by Mike Lee.
Mike Lee
Sculpture by Sarah Sitkin.
Sarah Sitkin