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If you've been using our Kanopy subscription recently, you may have noticed that some films are no longer available for streaming. The SVA Library's subscription to Kanopy has proven so popular that we have already used up the entire budget allocated for the 2017-18 fiscal year!
Screenshot of Kanopy's page for a movie that is not offered at SVA.

Our Kanopy subscription is based on a patron driven acquisition (PDA) model, where at the beginning of the fiscal year the entire library of 26,000 films is available for viewing. Four views of a film (by any user) triggers a licensing purchase, which deducts the 1-year streaming cost from our account on a quarterly basis. Once we've triggered enough licenses to use up our allocated budget, only those films that we've paid for are viewable until next year when the entire library opens up again. 

However, there is a way to see films that are not licensed by SVA Library. The New York Public Library also subscribes to Kanopy, and you can watch films through their subscription with your NYPL card: https://nypl.kanopystreaming.com/welcome/frontpage. Create a personal account in NYPL's Kanopy platform with whatever email address you choose, then enter your NYPL library card number at the top right of the screen as prompted. If you don't have an NYPL card, it's free and easy to get one at any branch library. NYPL's Kanopy subscription allows each patron 10 movies per month. 

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