The award-winning comic ‘Your Black Friend’ by Ben Passmore is the newest addition to the library’s Underground Comics Section. The comic is a fast read yet touches on complicated friend dynamics involving the tough realities of race and racism between friends with different skin tones. ‘Your Black Friend’ won an Ignatz award for Outstanding Comic at this year’s Small Press Expo and NPR called it a “necessary contribution to the dialogue around race in the United States.” Passmore is a New Orleans-based artist known for his work made through the lens of anarchism, direct action activism, sex, and race.

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Our underground comics section is ever growing and features a lot of zine-like material you can read in the library. It’s a great way to get acquainted with contemporary comic book illustrators and writers. Read this comic and browse the many titles in our super fun collection. 

 Pictured here:

Tales of the Night Watchman Volume 1 by Dave Kelley

Dark Tomato by Sakura Maku

Blades and Lazers  by Benjamin Marra

Can these Cookies Stop Islamophobia? by Marguerite Dabaie

The Unquotable Trump by R. Sikoryak

Cartozia Tales by Cartozia Press