Renowned conceptual artist, writer and architect Vito Acconci passed away last Thursday [April 27, 2017] in Manhattan. Bronx-born, Acconci was an extremely influential figure on the New York art scene since the late 60s-early 70s, perhaps known best for his audacious, radical performance and video pieces, despite the fact that he stopped performing decades ago to instead shift his focus on design/architecture. What's more, Acconci was a part of the SVA community as a visiting artist and a MFA Art Practice Department faculty member and has taught and lectured at numerous other institutions.

Read the obituary Vito Acconci, 1940–2017, by Jerry Saltz, to learn more about Acconci's extraordinary life and impact.

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Black and white portrait of Vito Acconci, taken in 1984 by Chris Felver, depicting the artist seated with one leg bent and his arm resting on his knee, coming out of a cutout in a wooden structure.

Screenshot of the New York Times online article about Vito Acconci, featuring an image of his face close up with writing on it as part of his series, "Diary of a Body," 1969-1973.


Top Photo: Chris Felver/Getty Images