Lucky Peach, which printed its last issue in 2017, was a beloved and inventive quarterly and bicoastal journal that dealt with the topic of food. But Lucky Peach wasn’t just any recipe-laden, restaurant review-filled food rag. It was, as a writer for the Washington Post put it, “one of the most original publications in the food-writing business.” What set Lucky Peach apart from other similarly culinary-focused magazines was its commitment to good writing. At times polished, at others irreverent, Lucky Peach was dedicated to the underrated partnership of excellent eats and well-constructed sentences. The SVA Periodicals Collection has every issue of Lucky Peach beginning with the first issue of volume 2, including its melancholy last one. The last issue (Fall/Winter 2017) features an informative love-letter to the avocado (“California’s Sweetheart”), a myth-dispelling piece on MSG, a thoughtful article on Seattle fine-dining chef Edoudardo Jordan entitled “On Being Black in the Kitchen,” an essay on the queer subtext and background of quintessential American cooking, and much more.

Cover of Lucky Peach magazine.
Two page spread documenting previous Lucky Peach cover stories.
Illustrations of an anthroporphic avocado.
Close up shot of paella.
A chef cuts into a slab of meat on a wooden cutting block.
Illustration of a cut of steak and a box for it above a text block.

Rainbow-hued hot dog illustrations surround the title "America, Your Food is So Gay"
A 1980s-style psychedelic illustration decorates the cover page for the article "The Transitive Nightfall of Fatty Egg Rolls"
A slice of pizza is placed inside of a hamburger as if it were a slice of cheese or piece of lettuce.
Shot of the spines of several Lucky Peach issues lined up beside each other.

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