Star Wars is getting the cover treatment from satirists, advertisers, motion graphics/animation/specicial FX artists, newsies, entertainment newsies, techies, and the world of science. Following is a sample of current, and a few historical covers in the SVA Library featuring the world's foremost Space Opera.
Cover of MAD Magazine featuring storm troopers, including MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman in a storm trooper outfit.Cover of Advertising Age Magazine featuring a storm trooper helmet.Cover of Entertainment Weekly. Star Wars special edition, image of R2D2 and C3PO. Cover of Lodown Magazine. Image of R2D2 wearing an Elizabethan ruff. Cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring a jedi wielding a red light saber. A jedi-type character wielding a fiery light saber.Cover of TIME Magazine featuring a Star Wars robot. Wired Magazine spread. Star Wars spaceships at war above a desert planet.
Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine featuring the cast of the 2016 Star Wars.
Looking back through the archives there are many more opportunities to spot friendly Jar Jars or the face of C-3PO's from an earlier age of unrest within the empire.
Cover of Cinefex Magazine. A character from Star Wars gives a thumbs up. Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Jar Jar Binx reads a newspaper.
Or an even earlier (though chronologically later) cover treatment.
Cover of Geo Magazine. C3PO's face.