Protests and demonstrations are a crucial part of any society. They are also an integral part of any movement, and they have been the impetus for massive social change throughout history. Every single victory in the realm of civil rights (for women, LGBTQ folks and people of color) has been hard won at least in part thanks to grassroots protest movements. The history of protest, however, is at the same time a history of state and police overreaction - attempts to quash dissent often take the form of violence, even when the protests themselves are peaceful. Protests take many forms: sit-ins, “die-ins” (in the case of ACT-UP, pictured), kiss-ins (used primarily by the LGBTQ community), marches, strikes, direct action and civil disobedience, to name a few. The SVA Pictures Collection folder Protest & Demonstration is large and weighty, much like the history of its subject matter. Packed with images of protests both local and international, successful and less so, the folder is a powerful resource for image-based research and reference.
Members of ACT UP stage a "die-in" - lying down on the ground with signs that say things like "Silence = Death".
The Advocate August 17, 1999
A group of women walk with arms linked in a march for women's emancipation.
A group of civil rights activists protest in front of the Lincoln Memorial in DC.
Demonstrations for "Solidarity Day" on the National Mall. Thousands more people fill the lawn than during Donald Trump's inauguration.
Solidarity Day; Life June 28 1968
Seven people protest Jim Crow laws with signs on a busy sidewalk.
A mass of people flee military intervention in Petrograd in 1917.
Petrograd 1917
A group of students wearing masks face off with a group in military uniforms during the June Struggle.
Yonsei University, Seoul 1987
Employees of Ford Motor Company strike outside the company building.
Strike at the River Rouge, Fortune July 1949
Uniformed police officers attack a group marching in support of Nelson Mandela with sticks.
march in support of Nelson Mandela; Pollsmoor Prison 1985
A group gathers outside the Stonewall Inn following the Stonewall riots.
New York June 1994