A poster advertising a Friday The 13th inspired tabletop game night at SVA Library West on a jet black background with a white moon that has a six-sided die imprinted on the face. Below in bloody red font is the Friday The 13th logo.
The SVA Library presents: A Friday The 13th inspired Tabletop Game Night. Co-hosted by Cards & Dice. Free popcorn and soda for all players. Friday, April 13th, 4-8pm, SVA Library West, 133 W. 21st St, lower level. 

Featured games will include The Last Friday from the SVA Library's Tabletop Game collection:
A photo of the Last Friday board game layout: a blue board with hundreds of multicolored landing dots, multiple game character cards in a variety of colors (red, yellow, brown, blue, and, green) and stacks of multicolored game tokens.
  Note: Tabletop Gaming Night poster designed by  Joe Gough @joe.gough (MFAI 2018)