Cemeteries, though not traditionally lively places, can nevertheless be quite picturesque and pleasant spots to spend a bit of time, assuming you don’t have any particularly terrible associations. There are flowers everywhere, and benches, and more often than not, they’re dead quiet. The SVA Pictures Collection has two folders dedicated to the subject of cemeteries, totalling around 200 images. Among them are pictures of your standard gravestones, but there are also some pictorial gems of a less conventional variety - a marble sculpture of a mother sleeping with her child, an intricately carved mausoleum, Al Capone’s modest grave… Cemeteries are, by nature, morbid, but they can also be artistic sites - or, at the very least, locations for some very well-thought out encounters with stone. Come by the Pictures Collection for a look at a diverse array of approaches to mourning, memorial and death.

A glass box. In it are a plastic bonsai tree and a toy car.
Several gravestones marked with words like "solid" and "dormant".
National Lampoon, April 1989
A graveyard at dusk.
June 1961
An elaborate marble memorial.
A grave decorated with a sculpture of a woman holding a baby in a bed.
Several metal grave markers. In the background there are mountains.
A military graveyard on a sunny day.
A church graveyard at night. In the background is a cathedral lit up by floodlights.
A grave marker with several names on it. A wreath and some fresh flowers sit on it.
Al Capone's grave is decorated with a pink ribbon.

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