Description of the Nose magazine.
The Nose Describes Itself 
The fold-out cover of the Nose magazine issue 9. Featuring Pinnochio and the title "Truth and Lies"
Number Nine fold out cover. Truth & Lies

Founding member of Push Pin Studios, the renowned art director and illustrator Seymour Chwast, along with editorial help form Steve Heller and other New York designers, created ‘The Nose’. Chwast’s familiar illustrative hand runs throughout the 12 years and 20 issues. We have n.1 (1997) - n.20 (2009) [missing n.18,19].

Each issue has a single theme that they explore with Chwast's illustration as well as lifted exposition and excerpts to stand as examples. For instance, no. 7 is titled "the Letter" and includes a letter from Van Gogh to his brother Theo, George Washington's letter to New York governor George Clinton, and facsimiles of Ted L. Nancy's letters to Coca Cola in which he asks for permission to sell his beverage "Kiet Doke."  The issues' forms are dictated by the content, causing each one to be an interesting creative object varying in size and layout but always impeccablely printed. Humor is used in great abundance. Come in and peruse these master classes in graphic design. 
Cover of the Nose magazine. Illustrations of several people walking or running in many different directions. The title is "Fear"
Number Eight cover. Fear
Illustration of an audience watching a man get capital punishment via the electric chair. The scene is drawn from the perspective of the executor.
Spread from Number 4. Electric Follies
A highway through a desert. On the side of the road is a truck stop cafe that provides burgers, gifts, and gas.
Spread from Number 6. The Food We Love

An abstract illustration vaguely resembling a face for the cover of the Nose magazine number 5.
Number 5 cover. Loooking
An illustration of several rows of suburban homes.
Spread from Number Seventeen. The Unreal Issue
Spred from Number Seventeen. The Unreal Issue
Spred from Number 10. The Lighter Side of Hell
Page from Number 7. The Letter
n. 20
Number Twentry cover. Crime Today