YEAH Magazine, originally published by Tuli Kupferberg and Sylvia Topp’s Birth Press, ran between 1961 and 1965, and featured clip art, collages, and poetry by some of the most influential members of the beatnik counterculture movement. It called itself “a Satyric Excursion Published at Will,” and sometimes “a Tonic in Type for Young and Old.” The magazine took a satirical and incisive approach to the issues of its time - issues that unfortunately remain at the forefront of our consciousness today - like racism, conservatism, capitalism, class conflict and ever-more-problematic overseas wars. The format  - small, printed on colored papers, and featuring collage and cut-up work - anticipated the radical zines of the 70s and 80s. Brooklyn based independent publishing house Primary Information has just released a facsimile edition of all ten issues of the magazine, housed in a box for safekeeping, and the SVA Library just happens to have a copy. Below is a peek inside some of the issues, a glimpse of the box, and Primary Information’s press release.

Cover of YEAH magazine featuring an illustration of a tenement building.Cover of YEAH Magazine featuring a man in a suit whose face is blanked out.View of the Primary Information box of YEAH Magazine.Primary Information's press release for YEAH Magazine fascimile edition.