Oh, the mandibular condyle
Yes, the glandula parotis
Indeed all the way to the end
of the jugular vein.
Be you a superficial flexor tendon
Or a deep flexor tendon
A Phalanx prima, secunda, or tertia
You are invited to dig in your hind claws
And sink in your unpaired canine tooth.
The Visual Arts Library Picture Collection Presents:
A subdivision of ANATOMY (which refers to human anatomy and which has the further subdivisions of ANATOMY EYES ANATOMY HANDS, and ANATOMY - NERVOUS SYSTEM) ANATOMY ANIMALS has approximately 100 items. Please find a sampling below.

Da Vinci Da Vinci sussing out the horsely dimensions.
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the "father of microbiology," sketches out the intestinal protozoa of frogs.