Cabinet is a quarterly art and culture magazine published by Immaterial Incorporated. What sets Cabinet apart from other culture publications is their “expansive and inclusive definition of ‘culture’… one that includes both the quotidian and the extraordinary.” Culture, for Cabinet, is just about everything that humans create, interact with, and think about. In honoring this vast array of ‘the cultural’, their project is to “foster curiosity about the world we have made and inhabit.” Their aim, moreover, is to break down cultural hierarchies and foster a more comprehensive understanding of “our social and material cultures” so as to understand and imagine ways of shaping them for the better. Cabinet’s 63rd Issue, “The Desert” (Spring 2017), is currently on display in the SVA Periodicals Collection. This issue features an examination of the artistic conflation of dinner and decapitation (see: Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist, among other works), a history of the color sienna, a look into a short period of homosexual “liberalization” in the early days of the Soviet Union, an interrogation into the desert as “a state of mind” and much more. The SVA Periodicals Collection contains issues of Cabinet from 2002 to the present.

Cover of Cabinet magazine. A desert scene, two people in astronaut-type gear and wearing rectangular backpacks with numbers on them walk away from the camera.
A grid of Renaissance-era paintings of men whose heads have been severed and placed on platters of various kinds.
Cut out images of Stalin, a map of Russia, and several other people and locations. Title says "The New Homosexual"
Two page spread. Left: Red page with writing "The Desert". Right: lines traced in sand and text.
Illustration of a World's Fair plaza at night. Fireworks in the sky.