Synthwave is exploding as a genre and the SVA Library has caught the bug. Take a break from watching Stranger Things (soundtrack coming soon to our collection) and check out these excellent synth-heavy artists, now available in our CD collection:
Zombi kicked off this whole synth-revival craze way back in the mid-00's with their excellent throwback sound. Heavily inspired by the film scores of John Carpenter, Goblin, Tangerine Dream (all artists in our collection), Zombi took the basic templates of 70's 80's synth scores and improved upon them, adding live drums and additional layers of improvisation.
No one in the late 80's would have predicted that John Carpenter would be one of the decade's most influential composers; let alone that he would make a huge comeback in 2015, waving away his many imitators with a transcendent return album. We also carry most of his original film scores from the 80's 90's, all of which are amazing.
Kavinsky had the pop hit behind the soundtrack success to the film "Drive" (yes, we have the soundtrack) and his albums are among the highest selling of the synthwave movement. Kavinsky injects some much needed humor and levity into the genre but doesn't forget to hit the turbo booster when necessary.
College sounds just like what I imagine an alternate reality College party would sound like if the 90's had basically never happened.
All of these artists, and more, are available now in our CD collection at the main library.