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Credo Reference Complete Core is now on trial until September 30, 2015!
Credo Reference provides full-text online versions of about 1,200 published reference works from more than 70 publishers in a variety of major subjects. These include general and subject dictionaries as well as encyclopedias.
On-Campus, access with this link: http://search.credoreference.com
Off-Campus, access with this link: http://search.credoreference.com?username=user@sva.edu password=trial845

The Complete Core includes the following 6 video collections:
The Masterworks Collection is a rich collection of art history videos. Each short documentary showcases an artist and a key piece, illuminating the context and history of the work. Comprehensively illustrated and compellingly presented (detailed narration accompanies each film), these films provide a deeper insight into master works of painting.
The Visual Guides: Understanding Plants and The Vegetable Kingdom
The Visual Guides: Understanding The Earth
The Visual Guides: Understanding The Human Body
The Visual Guides: Understanding The Universe
The Visual Guides: Understanding Weather and The Environment
The Complete Core also has the following collections of images from Bridgeman Art Library:
Charmet Collection
Christies Collection
Cultural Collection
DeAgostini Library
European Masterpiece Collection
Fine Decorative Arts Collection
Fine Art Antiques Collection
Florence Masterpiece Collection
Florentine Collection
Global Masterpiece Collection
Hermitage Collection
Italian Masterpieces Collection
Ken Welsh History Collection
Peter Newark American Pictures
Peter Willi French Masterpieces Collection
Spanish Masterpiece Collection
Stapleton Collection
William Morris Collection
Including the Bridgeman collections above, the Complete Core has a total of close to 400,000 art images.
Please click here to see a list of all 1,100+ full-text titles included in the Complete Core.
In addition to the Complete Core, Credo's Art History Subject Collection has been added to this trial.
This collection curates 27 noteworthy reference sources from top publishers, including the National Gallery, Wiley, and Greenwood. With titles such as, "A Companion to Medieval Art," and, "Artists of the American Mosaic: Encyclopedia of Native American Artists," the Art History Collection dives into topics like, technique, notable artists, periods of art and more that are relevant to any student at any level.
Please click here to see all 27 titles in the Art History Collection (Version 2)
Please click here to see a list of titles within the trial Art History Collection
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