If you haven’t heard of Kanopy -- you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s Netflix for libraries, but free and a lil more intellectual. It’s a streaming service with heady, artful films you can watch from your laptop, desktop etc.! The database provides access to art, documentary, and many award-winning films including the entire Criterion Collection -- a series of important classic and contemporary films.
HOWEVER!! There’s one hang-up! The SVA library has a limited Kanopy budget and once a film has been viewed 4 times by different SVA students, faculty etc. we must buy a license and our budget gets smaller. Once our budget is siphoned, only films we’ve bought licenses for will be available until the end of the fiscal year -- June 30, 2019. And with three weeks into the semester, we've maxed out our budget for *new* film licenses. 
BUT we currently have licenses for 202 films in Kanopy including titles like....

Los Sures (1984)
Fully Awake : Black Mountain College (2008)
Reclaiming the Body: Feminist Art in America (1996)
Jon-Michel Basquiat: Radiant Child (2010)
So do a search to see if we have licensed the film you'd like to watch. If not, NYPL subscribes to Kanopy as do the Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library, and you can watch many films through their subscriptions with your NYPL card, BPL Card, or QPL card. It's free and easy to get an NYPL card at any branch library in the city. The caveat with the public libraries is that you are allotted 10 movies per month.

Don’t forget we also have many amazing film titles in the physical library as well, and we’re always buying new movies. So if we haven’t bought the license to a film via Kanopy, we can help you locate it in-house or through other means. Happy watching  :)smiley