baseline is a (now out of print) seminal international magazine that focuses on the word. Not writing, per se, but the shapes that writing takes - namely, typography. Typography inhabits a special place in most designers’ and design-lovers’ hearts. It goes way beyond serif versus sans-serif, Times New Roman versus Helvetica. Typefaces have histories, designers, attributions…they are persuasive, oppressive, subversive, beautiful and sometimes ugly. Importantly, they are a language unto themselves, and baseline set out to historicize its linguistics. The publication was edited and art directed by Hans Dieter Reichert, and features a wide variety of editorial content. The issue featured below (no. 49, from 2006) contains, among other things, an exploration of German typographic symbols, a look at book design with Penguin Books, and an article about the infamous underground magazine Oz entitled “Sex, Sedition and the Printing Press.” Baseline is indexed in design and applied arts index if you are researching something specfic, but we also recommend aimlessly browsing this exceedingly high quality and artful publication. The SVA Library has all but 13 of its 62 issue run