skcoverJoe Simon and Jack Kirby worked collaboratively for over three decades. In that time they wrote and illustrated several hundred comics, created classic characters (such as Captain America), and pioneered new comics genres. This new book from Abrams, The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio, includes over 350 pages of artwork photographed directly from the originals housed in Joe Simon's private archive. Complete with white-out, tape, and overlays, the book not only offers a chance to view these rare materials, but also a glimpse of the development process. From the Popmatters review: "Reading this book is like entering the offices of Simon and Kirby and rifling through their files, scouring the slush pile, even breathing in the smoke from one of Kirby s cigars. It s a museum in miniature, and like so much else these two artists touched, it s a wonder to behold."