rela1Relationship is a full-color collection of photographs, film stills, letters and ephemera documenting a six-year relationship between its creators, Zackary Drucker (BFA 2005 Photography) and Rhys Ernst, during which time both were transitioning genders. The two artists, who might be most popularly known as producers of the Amazon-series "Transparent," turned to their personal archives to curate this selection of work. The two described the impetus for the project in a recent New York Times article, How Two Producers of Transparent Made Their Own Trans Lives More Visible: "Even as transgender stories are becoming more mainstream, there are few public examples of trans people leading ordinary lives, filled with love and lazy mornings. There are even fewer cases... of trans people taking control over how they are represented." From the publisher's description, "A major feature of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, this series of photographs that the New York Times called 'extremely provocative' explores ideas of transformation both physical and psychological." The book includes contributions by curator Stuart Comer, artist and gender theorist Kate Borenstein, and Maggie Nelson, a 2016 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship recipient and author of The Argonauts.
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