name1Billy Name: The Silver Age: Black and White Photographs from Andy Warhol's Factory Billy Name lived in a closet in Andy Warhol's studio, the Factory, which was originally called the Silver Factory thanks to Name's decorating technique of covering all surfaces in tin foil, silver paint and broken mirrors. According to the publisher's description, "When Warhol gave Name a Pentax Honeywell 35mm camera, he took on the role of resident photographer and archivist." This new book from Reel Art Press is a comprehensive collection of those photographs, accompanied by testimonials and remembrances, in the format of a visual essay.
graf1Training Days: The Subway Artists Then and Now This new publication from Thames Hudson features full-color photographs and interviews with graffiti artists from the heyday of 1970s-80s New York City graffiti culture. Highlighting each artist by chapter, the book includes first-person accounts from: Bil Rock, Breezer, Daze, Jon One, Kel, KR, Lady Pink, Sak, Sharp, Skeme, Spin, and Team. It also includes a glossary, in case you're left wondering what "rack" (steal paint) or "burner" (an exceptional composition) might mean.
zelda1Superzelda: The Graphic Life of Zelda Fitzgerald This graphic novel by Tiziana Lo Porto and Daniele Marotta tells the fervent and tragic tale of Zelda Fitzgerald a dancer, writer, and painter who was most popularly known as the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. From the publisher's description, "Zelda Fitzgerald is one of the most iconic figures of the Jazz Age. Born in Alabama in 1900, she was only 18 when she met F. Scott Fitzgerald, an ambitious young writer who would turn into one the greatest American authors of all time. Beautiful, talented, irreverent, extravagant, and alcohol-driven, the newly married couple took New York's high society and the whole literary world by storm. They traveled to France, Italy, and Africa; hung out with Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, and Gertrude Stein; managed to both charm and enrage most of the people they were acquainted with; and ended up destroying their love and themselves."
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