Opened in June 2013, The Newsstand operated for eight months inside of the Metropolitan/Lorimier subway station in Brooklyn. A hub for independent publishing, it stocked zines, books, comics, screen-prints, records, in short: anything anyone dropped off "as long as it wasn't offensive or racist." A dynamic space, artists would work as "guest clerks" and show art or stage events. In its short time, The Newsstand hosted nearly 100 events and stocked over 1,200 different zines. This new book published by Rizzoli features a selection of those zines, as well as interviews with their makers.
tns-layout-final_021716_17-1542x1085Although The Newsstand project was "by and for everyone," the selection in this book represents only a fraction of the diverse voices, experiences, and creative visions of those who participate in zine-making culture. For even more examples of zines, you can check out Zine Scene and The Riot Grrrl Collection. Never made a zine before? Take a look at Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine? The Art of Making Zines and Mini Comics.