Murp_978-0-345-81605-4_jkt_all_r2.inddWhat exactly happened to the Dutchman's ear? Who was its intended recipient? How did he manage to do it? Or maybe the most immediate question related to one of art's greatest legends: Why?
From the publisher's description, "In Van Gogh s Ear, Bernadette Murphy reveals, for the first time, the true story of this long-misunderstood incident, sweeping away decades of myth and giving us a glimpse of a troubled but brilliant artist at his breaking point... As it reopens one of art history s most famous cold cases, Van Gogh s Ear becomes a fascinating work of detection. It is also a study of a painter creating his most iconic and revolutionary work, pushing himself ever closer to greatness even as he edged toward madness and one fateful sweep of the blade that would resonate through the ages."
Find Van Gogh's Ear in the new book section at the SVA Library. You can find another biography, Van Gogh: The Life, in the main stacks.