SVA Library West is excited to announce a new Library collection: Physical Games! This collection will consist of board games, card & dice games, and role-playing games.

Our aim is to collect and circulate physical games that showcase exemplary design in terms of both visual aesthetics and interactive game mechanics. Physical games have seen an impressive resurgence in popularity this past decade due to an industry-wide focus on collaborative design, intuitive game mechanics, deeper strategical and imaginative thinking, and sumptuous visual illustration. As our lives grow ever-more digitally involved, it can be deeply refreshing, as well as just plain fun, to unplug and play a physical game!

SVA Library West's Physical Game collection is a circulating collection; patrons are also welcome to play these games in the SVA Library West lounge area and group study rooms. Future blog posts will detail the individual games collected and provide valuable resources for organizing game events and role-playing campaigns.